RANKED: Best Gym Bags with Yoga Mat Holder [2023]

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#1 Best Gym Bag with Yoga Mat Holder (Our Top Pick)

AURORAE Yoga Gym Bag Holder

AURORAE Gym & Yoga Bag Holder (7 Colors)

9.6  Review Score

Reasons to Buy:
✅ 2-in-1 backpack and yoga carrier
✅ Spacious room inside bag for accessories
✅ Modest pricing for ultra-high quality bag
✅ Backed by 2 year AURORAE guarantee

❌ Unknown manufacturing location
❌ Some customers reported damages upon delivery


Y.U.M.C. Travel Gym Bag with Yoga Mat Carrier

Y.U.M.C. Travel Gym Bag with Yoga Mat Carrier (6 Colors)

9.2 Review Score

Reasons to Buy:
✅ Sleek design w/ waterproof Oxford material
✅ Medium and large options
✅ Several pockets and compartments
✅ Fits all yoga and workout essentials

❌ Texture may be uncomfortable for some users
❌ Some buyers reported inaccurate dimensions


AURORAE Multi-Purpose Workout and Yoga Backpack

AURORAE Multi-Purpose Workout and Yoga Backpack (2 Colors)

8.7  Review Score

Reasons to Buy:
✅ Specialized mat strap for hiking/travel
✅ Large 23L volume to fit all essentials
✅ 2 water bottle holders
✅ Comfortably distributes weight across shoulders 

❌ Needs a break-in period
❌ Poor smell out-of-box


Cico Rider Sports Duffle Bag & Yoga Mat Holder

Cico Rider Sports Duffle Bag & Yoga Mat Holder (2 Colors)

8.6  Review Score

Reasons to Buy:
✅ Trendy look + design
✅ Unique shoe compartment for storage
✅ Dedicated wat pocket for ventilation
✅ Several inner + outer pockets for convenience

❌ Limited color selection (only 2)
❌ Some customers reported defects upon delivery


Uhawi Large Yoga Mat and Gym Bag

Uhawi Large Yoga Mat + Gym Bag (4 Colors)

8.1  Review Score

Reasons to Buy:
✅ Roomy and spacious for yoga mat + gym essentials
✅ Comfy tote design that hangs on shoulder irritation-free
✅ Highly-durable canvas cotton
✅ Multi-purpose for gym, travel, camping & more

❌ Company has other low-rating products
❌ Unknown manufacturing location


WRASCO Convertible Yoga and Gym Carrier

WRASCO Convertible Yoga + Gym Carrier (3 Colors)

7.9  Review Score

Reasons to Buy:
✅ Perfect for yoga mat + small gym essentials
✅ Convertible handbag, sling bag, backpack or shoulder bag
✅ Several pockets and zippers to store items
✅ Includes foldable drawstring cover

❌ Poor smell out-of-box
❌ Some customers reported issues with drawstring


NATI LINE Exercise Backpack and Yoga Mat Straps

NATI LINE Exercise Backpack + Yoga Mat Straps

7.9  Review Score

Reasons to Buy:
✅ Shoe compartment w/ waterproof material
✅ Easy to clean and wipe away dirt
✅ Large 26L capacity for workout items
✅ Adjustable elastic straps for yoga mat

❌ Only 1 color
❌ Some customers reported issues with shoe holder


CHICECO Gym Tote and Mat Holder

CHICECO Gym Tote and Mat Holder (3 Colors)

7.4  Review Score

Reasons to Buy:
✅ Modern, sleek design
✅ Dedicated storage for wet items to dry
✅ Durable nylon that lasts several years
✅ Convenient band for yoga mat

❌ Needs a break-in period
❌ Material is not eco-friendly


Moyaqi Workout Canvas Bag and Yoga Tote

Moyaqi Workout Canvas Bag and Yoga Tote (3 Colors)

7.3  Review Score

Reasons to Buy:
✅ Multi=purpose tote bag for yoga + exercise
✅ Foldable design for convenience
✅ Made of soft canvas cotton
✅ Large capacity for essentials + zipper pockets

❌ Some customers reported bad durability
❌ Sizing issues for small amount of buyers


Kindfolk Yoga and Exercise Carrier

Kindfolk Yoga + Exercise Carrier  (2 Colors)

7.2  Review Score

Reasons to Buy:
✅ Made with sustainable, eco-friendly leather
✅ Vibrant, eye-catching design
✅ 3 pockets (1 side, 2 inner)
✅ Company gives back – $1 for every item sold

❌ Poor smell out-of-box
❌ Limited room w/ tote design

Buying Guide for Gym Bags with Yoga Holders

Have you ever been to the gym… ready to work out and then realized that you forgot your yoga mat? Or maybe you took your yoga mat with you – but had nowhere to put it during your workout? If so, then it’s time to invest in a gym bag with a yoga mat holder – which offers a specialized customization beyond a regular yoga bag. In this section, we’ll cover the benefits and things to consider before getting one.

Benefits of Workout Carriers with Yoga Storage

These items are quite useful – and each one offers unique customization. If you practice yoga while also working out at your local gym, these bags give you a nice sense of convenience.

Comfortable gym bags to carry

The first benefit of a gym bag with a yoga mat holder is comfort. If you’ve ever tried to carry a yoga mat and a gym bag at the same time, you know how difficult it can be. A yoga mat holder ensures that your mat is securely attached to your bag, so you can carry it with ease.

Keep in mind – you can easily store your yoga mat and other gym essentials in one bag, making it easier for you to transition from the studio to the street. The built-in holders keep your items organized and secure, reducing the chances of them falling out as you move.

Protection for all yoga & gym essentials

Another benefit of a gym bag with a yoga mat holder is protection. Your yoga mat is an investment, and you want to make sure it stays in good condition. A yoga mat holder helps to protect your mat from dirt, dust, and other elements that could damage it.

The yoga mat holder helps to keep your gym bag organized by keeping all of your essentials in one place. You get extra protection for smaller items like wallets, phones, and keys that might otherwise get lost or misplaced during a workout. This ensures that you always have everything you need in the right place.

Customization for storage and yoga holders

The third benefit of a gym bag with a yoga mat holder is customization. With most gym bags, you’re stuck with the size and style that the manufacturer offers. But with a bag that has a yoga mat holder, you can choose the size and style of bag that best suits your needs. You can also add other features, such as pockets and compartments, to further customize your bag.

Essential Tips for Choosing the Best Gym Bag with a Yoga Holder

Size Matters!

When shopping for a gym bag with a yoga mat holder, size is an important factor. You want one that is large enough to hold all of your workout items (shoes, clothes, iPod, etc.), as well as your yoga mat. But at the same time, if the bag is too bulky or heavy when filled up, it may be difficult for you to carry around. So when considering size, think about what type of bag will fit all of your needs without being too cumbersome.

Choose Durable Material

The next thing to consider when shopping for gym bags with yoga mat holders is the material they are made of. You don’t want something that will tear easily or wear down quickly after only a few uses. Look for materials such as canvas or nylon which are known for their durability and strength. These materials can withstand wear and tear better than other materials such as leather or vinyl.

Pay Attention To The Details

Finally, pay attention to the details when shopping for gym bags with yoga mat holders. Make sure that the straps are adjustable and comfortable against your skin – no one wants straps digging into their shoulders during a workout! Also check that the zippers on the pockets are sturdy and won’t break off after just a few uses. And lastly, make sure there are enough pockets and compartments within the bag so you can easily organize all of your items without having them get lost in the shuffle!

Reviewing The Best Workout Bags for Your Routine

Investing in a quality gym bag with a mat storage is essential if you plan on taking your workouts seriously and don’t want any distractions from having forgotten something at home or not having enough space in your current bag. Think carefully about size, material used, and details before making a purchase – this way you can be confident that you will have everything you need right at hand during your next workout session!