Best Cork Yoga Mats [2023]

Reviews, Scores, Ratings and Recommendations


Yoloha Aura Cork Yoga Mat

Yoloha Aura Cork Yoga Mat (Handmade)

9.6  Review Score

Reasons to Buy:
✅ Highly-impressive grip (wet and dry)
✅ 100% non-toxic and eco-friendly
✅ Plant-based foam and cork
✅ 6mm thickness (above-average)

❌ Tad pricey
❌ Must be stored/handled with care


Gaiam Cork Yoga Mat

Gaiam Cork Yoga Mat

9.1  Review Score

Reasons to Buy:
✅ Very affordable (compared to other cork mats)
✅ Lays 100% flat – no curling
✅ Solid grip + traction
✅ Designed for yoga, pilates and general workouts

❌ 68 inches long (not recommended for anyone over 6’4″)
❌ Some customers received damaged product upon delivery


Body by Yoga Cork Mat

Body by Yoga Cork Yoga Mat

8.7  Review Score

Reasons to Buy:
✅ Super-comfy 6.5mm thickness
✅ Extended 90-day satisfaction guarantee
✅ Choose with or without alignment marks
✅ Ultra-smooth, rich cork surface

❌ Durability questions
❌ Strong smell out-of-box (may last several days)

Best for Hot Yoga

SatoriConcept Cork Yoga Mat

SatoriConcept Cork Yoga Mat

8.4  Review Score

Reasons to Buy:
✅ Perfect grip + water resistance
✅ Anti-microbial and odorless
✅ Durable cork
✅ Gorgeous designs and patterns

❌ Contains latex (only for allergies)
❌ 4mm cushioning is below-average


Buying Guide for Cork Yoga Mats

There are many different types of yoga mats available on the market, from traditional mats made from PVC to newer options made from natural materials like cork. In this section, we’re going to focus on the benefits of cork yoga mats.

Why choose cork?

Non-Slip Cork Material

One of the primary benefits of a cork yoga mat is that it’s non-slip. This means that it will not move around during your yoga practice, which can help you to maintain your balance and prevent injuries. Beyond that, cork has a high compression resistance and can bounce back to its original shape after being pressed or stepped on – which is exactly what you’re looking for, when it comes to high quality yoga essentials for your practice.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Another benefit of a cork yoga mat is that it’s eco-friendly and sustainable. Cork is a natural material that is biodegradable and recyclable. Additionally, cork trees are not harmed when the bark is harvested, making cork a sustainable resource. In comparison to traditional plastic yoga mats, cork offers a more planet-friendly option – as it’s a renewable resource and zero-waste at the end of its lifespan

Non-Toxic Cork Yoga Mats

A cork yoga mat is also non-toxic, which means that it will not off-gas harmful chemicals into the air like some synthetic mats do. Additionally, cork is naturally antimicrobial, meaning that it will not harbor bacteria or other microbes. Plus, cork has unique properties that make it particularly suited for yoga practice. Its naturally grippy texture helps prevent slipping during poses, and it has cushioning and bounce for comfort and support. It’s also smooth and comfortable on the skin.

Organic and All-Natural Cork

Cork yoga mats are made of organic cork, which contain zero synthetic materials on the top-layer surface you’re exposed to. Cork is safely gathered off cork oak trees, which are located in western European and Mediterranean countries. The cork oak tree is not harmed during the harvesting process, as only the bark is removed. The bark grows back, and the tree can be harvested again every nine years.

Beautiful, Elegant Appearance

The cork yoga mat has a beautiful appearance, as it’s made of natural cork. Cork is a unique material that has a variety of patterns and colors. The cork yoga mat is also lightweight and durable, making it a great choice when paired alongside cork yoga blocks or yoga bags.

Factors to consider when buying a cork yoga mat


When purchasing a cork yoga mat, it is important to consider the thickness of the mat. A thinner mat may provide more stability during balancing poses, but may not offer as much cushion for joints during standing or seated poses. A thick yoga mat may offer more comfort and joint protection during these poses, but balancing poses can be more difficult.

Make sure to find a balance between thickness and stability that works for your individual practice. Some yogis want premium yoga mats with a textured surface for added grip during sweaty practices, while others prefer a smoother surface for easier transitions between poses. Ultimately, it’s important to choose a cork yoga mat that meets your individual needs and preferences.

Bottom layer TPE or rubber

When looking for a cork yoga mat, keep in mind the material used for the bottom layer. Many cork mats have either a TPE or rubber bottom layer, and each offers different benefits. TPE materials are eco-friendly and recyclable, while rubber offers more stability and grip.

Finding the right cork yoga mat involves considering both practical aspects such as materials and thickness, as well as personal preferences in terms of texture and comfort. Take time to research and try out different options before making a decision – your yoga practice will thank you! We can also help you decide if cork yoga mats are worth it or not – along with the pros and cons. You can also find the benefits here.

Cork Harvesting Removes CO2 Greenhouse Gas

Cork harvesting helps to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) gas from the atmosphere. CO2 is a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. When the cork oak tree grows, it absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere and helps cleanse the air. Plus, the cork oak trees remain 100% unharmed, since it’s only the bark.

Recyclable and Bio-Degradable

As one of the most environmentally friendly materials on the planet, these cork yoga mats are made from 100% recyclable and biodegradable cork (same goes for our cork yoga wheels and starter prop sets). This means that when the time comes to replace your mat, it can be safely broken down into its natural components without harming the planet.

Anti-Microbial and Resists Odors

In addition to being eco-friendly, cork is also naturally anti-microbial and resistant to mildew. This means that you can use your mat confidently, knowing that it won’t harbor harmful bacteria or become smelly over time.

Durable and Long-Lasting Yoga Mats

Cork is a durable material that can withstand intense use without losing its shape or texture. These cork yoga mats are designed to last for years, providing an excellent value for your investment in both your practice and the environment. One of the reasons cork is so durable is its natural water resistance, which helps protect against wear and tear from sweat during yoga practice.


When deciding on a cork yoga mat, it’s vital to consider price. While there are some cheaper options available, they may not be as durable or have the same level of comfort as more expensive mats. It’s worth investing in a quality mat that will last for many years of practice.

Check out the reviews before purchasing, to ensure the materials and manufacturing processes align with your personal values – as it goes for regular yoga bags and bundle yoga kits too. Overall, finding the right yoga mat comes down to weighing factors such as price, durability, comfort, and ethics.

Shopping for Cork Yoga Mats Online

A cork yoga mat is a great choice for anyone looking for an organic, eco-friendly, and grippy yoga mat. If you’re looking for a mat that will provide excellent traction and cushioning during your practice, a cork mat is a great option to consider!