Best Cork Yoga Mat Bags [2023] – Reviews, Ratings, Scores and Recommendations

Eco-friendly, waterproof cork yoga tote carriers – perfect for mats, blocks, props and accessories

Buying Guide for Cork Yoga Mat Bags

Cork yoga mat bags – totes, carriers, slings and zipper pockets

At first glance, you might not think that a yoga mat bag would be all that important. I mean, it’s just a bag, right? WRONG.

A yoga mat bag is one of the most important yoga essentials you can own as a yogi. Not only does it keep your yoga mat clean and safe, but it also allows you to carry all of your other essential yoga gear with you – to and from class.

Quick-dry, waterproof yoga bags for sweat and moisture

When choosing a yoga mat bag with breath-able ventilation, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

You want something that is big enough to fit your yoga mat, towel, block, and water bottle. Plus, you want something that will dry quickly and won’t succumb to sweat, moisture, mold and mildew – which cork is specifically made for (especially hot yoga).

These yoga bags have a wide strap for easy carrying – and stylish enough to match your yoga outfit and accessories!

All-natural, organic, eco-friendly yoga sling carriers – for mats, blocks and accessories

All of these criteria are met (and then some!) by our favorite cork yoga mat bag. Not only is cork an organic, all-natural product that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, but it’s also environmentally-friendly. Plus, many yoga mat tote bags and carriers are sustainable too.

And the wide strap lets you carry this bag cross body style for ultimate comfort. The water-resistant cork means that your bag will dry quickly if it gets wet and is easy to clean if it gets dirty.

We haven’t even gotten to the best part yet… the side pocket! This pocket is big enough to close and secure items like your phone, wallet, and keys while you’re in Downward Dog or Warrior III pose. No more worrying about your valuables while you flow—this pocket has got you covered.

Difference between a cork yoga mat bag and standard yoga bags?

The main difference between a cork yoga tote sling carrier and other types of carriers… is a cork yoga tote sling carrier is made out of sustainable cork material. Other carriers may be made out of synthetic materials that are not as eco-friendly.

Cork is also a very soft and lightweight material, so it will be gentle on your skin as you carry your things around with you. It naturally waterproof, so your yoga props, equipment and accessories will stay dry even if you get caught in the rain. You might have to carry a yoga wheel in your arms, but you can get a nice discount with our beginner yoga kits.

Is a cork yoga tote sling carrier is right for me and my needs?

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly and stylish way to carry your things around with you, then a cork yoga tote sling carrier is probably right for you. Cork is a sustainable material that is gentle on the environment and on your skin. Keeping your belongings dry will pay off in the long run – even if you get caught in the rain.

Benefits of using a stylish, beautiful cork yoga bag (over normal yoga carriers)

As mentioned above, one of the main benefits of using a cork yoga tote sling carrier is that it’s made out of sustainable cork material. Cork is a renewable resource that is gentle on the environment, so you can feel good about using zero-waste, recyclable materials.

Plus, cork is very soft and high-quality – with a graceful yet luxurious texture and feel to it, combined with a quality yoga mat.

How long will my cork yoga tote sling carrier last before it needs to be replaced or repaired?

With proper care, your cork yoga tote sling carrier should last for many years. Cork is a very durable material, so you won’t have to worry about it tearing or breaking easily. If you do notice any damage, you can simply repair it with some super glue or contact cement.

A good yoga mat bag is important for any yogi – it keeps your mat clean and helps you carry all of your other gear with ease. When choosing a yoga mat bag, look for something roomy, made from sustainable materials like cork, with a wide strap for easy carrying.

Our favorite cork yoga mat bag also has convenient storage and wide pockets for keeping your valuables safe. Get yours today!