YOGA BODY Trapeze Swing – Aerial Pro Review – Worth It?

YOGA BODY Trapeze Swing – Aerial Pro Review – Worth It?

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The YOGA BODY Trapeze Swing (aerial inversion) is the perfect tool for yogis looking to relieve back pain, improve flexibility and balance, and achieve full-body strength. It’s quick and easy to setup/use – and customers rate this item extremely high. But the downside? We’ll cover that below.

8.6  Review Score

Effectiveness – 90
Safety – 95
Comfort – 80
Ease of Use – 80
Tutorial Videos – 95
Overall Value – 75

Reasons to Buy:

✅ Relieve back pain by decompressing your spine (hanging upside down)

✅ Full-body strength, balance, and flexibility tool

✅ Great instructional videos + pose charts

✅ Easy setup and safety-tested to 600lbs


❌ Decent learning curve – but easy after practice

Trapeze stand and ceiling hooks sold separately (otherwise you need a beam to hang it from)

Trapeze Stand

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Online Review Authentication:

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Reviewing features and benefits:

✔️ Gravity-resistance (body weight) strength training

✔️ Made from durable material

✔️ Machine washable

✔️ Asymmetrical poses for rapid balance improvement

✔️ Designed for backbends, hamstrings and hip openers

✔️ Includes daily chain straps

FAQ for YOGA BODY Trapeze Inversion Swing:

Is aerial inversion (yoga trapeze) a good workout?

Yes! Aerial inversion is an excellent workout because it uses your own body weight for resistance – mimicking natural strength and balance training.

How do you use the YOGA BODY trapeze?

The YOGA BODY trapeze is very easy to use. Simply hang it from a secure point, and then adjust the straps to your desired length. You can use their instructional videos too.

Can it help with back pain?

Yes, because it provides traction and decompression of the spine – similar to many forms of legitimate physical therapy.

Is there a weight limit?

Yes, it goes up to 600 pounds – extremely safe and durable. Customer reviews around the web have not indicated otherwise.

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Relief from back pain

The YOGA BODY Trapeze Swing was designed to provide traction and decompression of the spine, both of which are excellent for relieving back pain. Remember – back pain can interfere with your practice and prevent you from getting the most out of their yoga routine. This aerial inversion swing does the trick.

Improved flexibility and balance

This inversion device helps improve your flexibility and balance – by allowing you to practice deep, passive backbends and hip openers. The body is designed to move in all directions… and good balance + flexibility helps us stay grounded and agile (both on and off the yoga mat). Plus, as we age, it becomes very important to maintain our balance and flexibility in order to prevent injuries.

Full-body strength training

The YOGA BODY Inversion Aerial Swing is also great for full-body strength training, as it uses your own body weight for resistance. And since yoga is all about using your body weight, incorporating these exercises into your practice will make you stronger and improve alignment.

What users say about the aerial YOGA BODY Trapeze Swing:

After using it a few weeks now, I love how it helps me stretch my spine and ease my back pain.

A bit uncomfortable, was hoping it would be more pleasant to use.

Takes a bit of practice, but you’ll get it. Just make sure to watch the videos. Fun to use!

Surprisingly useful for improving backbends. There’s something about the aerial suspension that helps a lot.

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