IUGA Yoga Pants Leggings Review – Worth It?

IUGA Yoga Pants Leggings Review – Worth It?

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Let’s review! The IUGA yoga pants are a bit thicker than most yoga pants, but they’re designed for comfort and support – with a high waisted design that provides tummy control. The soft material is stretchy and breathable, making them perfect for any activity.

8.2  Review Score

Comfort & Fit – 90
Style & Look – 85
Movement – 75
Durability – 80
Breathability – 60
Overall Value – 80

Reasons to Buy:

✅ Buttery soft and stretchy material for a cozy fit

✅ 100% non see-through fabric – worry-free!

✅ Hidden waistband pocket for convenient storage

✅ Tummy control for a streamlined look


❌ Not ideal for tall people (over 6’3″)

❌ Some customers thought material was too thick

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Reviewing features and benefits:

✔️ 77% polyester, 23% spandex (machine washable)

✔️ High waisted design for a flattering + supportive fit

✔️ 40+ colors and 7 sizes (sizing chart is accurate)

✔️ Interlock seams to minimize rubbing and chafing

✔️ Gusset crotch adds a cozy, comfortable feeling

✔️ Compression and support for active women

FAQ for IUGA Yoga Pants:

What are IUGA leggings made of?

The IUGA leggings are made of 77% polyester and 23% spandex.

What is the Gusset Crotch?

The Gusset Crotch is a design feature that gives a nice, cozy fit.

How do you cut IUGA pants?

You can use a regular scissors, although a seamstress scissors will likely give you the sharpest cut. It results in a “sliced-edge” look.

Are they see through?

Nope, they’re thicker than most yoga pants. However, they’re skin-tight, which means lines/seams can show.

Is the sizing chart correct?

Yes, the sizing chart is 100% true to size.

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Super Soft and Comfortable Material

Made of 77% polyester and 23% spandex, the IUGA yoga pants are stretchy and soft, with a four-way stretch material that promotes compression and support. The Gusset Crotch adds a nice touch of comfort, while the interlock seams minimize rubbing and chafing. These leggings are also machine washable, making them easy to care for.

Tummy Control and Flattering Fit

With a high waisted design, these leggings provide tummy control and will not fall down during your workout. The compression and support is ideal for active women, while the sleek look is flattering and stylish.

Functional and Convenient Pockets

The IUGA leggings have two side pockets and a hidden waistband pocket, which is perfect for holding your phone, keys, or cards. The non see-through fabric means you can keep your mind on your workout, without worrying about what’s underneath.

What users say about IUGA Athleisure Workout Leggings:

I’m tall (6-2) and these leggings are not ideal for me – they’re a bit too short. Customer service took a while to respond too.

Great fit. They’re soft and comfortable, and they stay in place during my workout. I also really like the hidden pocket.

These leggings are exactly what I was looking for! They’re high waisted and don’t slip down, plus the tummy control is great.

Soft, flattering, and don’t slip down during my workout. Good value buy! They’re a bit thicker, but I like them.

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