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Cork Yoga Mat Bag

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  • Beautiful, elegant cork design
  • Eco-friendly, recyclable, sustainable and fully bio-degradable!
  • Interior with 28 inches in length, plus a 9 x 7 inch outside pocket for extra valuables.
  • Clever J-zipper allows you to remove your yoga mat without completely opening the bag.
  • Ventilation holes allow contents to air out and moisture to escape
  • Comfortable and fully adjustable cork strap fits snugly over your shoulder

Product Details:

  • Bag: 28″ long, 7.5″ diameter
  • Pocket: 9″ wide, 7″ length


Whether you’re traveling out of town or to the gym, a high quality cork yoga mat bag will keep your yoga equipment safe and organized. You’ll be keeping the environment safe too, since our organic cork products are 100% recyclable, sustainable, and biodegradable.

Let’s delve into some of the benefits you can expect to receive from using a cork yoga mat bag.

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Using a cork yoga mat bag to organize and carry your equipment provides greater benefits than mere convenience. It also affects the way you feel before a session.


Carrying around yoga equipment is cumbersome. Aside from your yoga mat and block, you need to account for your towel(s), water bottle, and personal belongings. All of this creates a mess when you dump it out onto the floor before setting up. With a proper cork yoga mat bag, you’ll find that carrying, setting up, and putting away your equipment is easier than ever.

Our cork yoga mat bags are 28” long and 7.5” wide, leaving plenty of room for your mat, block, and towel. Any extra valuables can be safely stored in the bag’s 9” x 7” outside pockets. Simply throw the bag over your shoulder using its adjustable cork strap, and carry it in comfort.


Anyone who’s practiced yoga extensively knows the importance of clearing your mind and concentrating on being in the moment. When your equipment is already organized inside a cork yoga mat bag, and setting it up becomes routine, you can more easily organize your thoughts.


Ease of use and saving time are crucial motivators for you to practice yoga consistently. Pre-packing your bag full of equipment and storing it in an accessible location allows you to begin a session whenever you have time. For example, if you store your cork yoga mat bag in your car, you’ll feel more motivated to hit the gym after work. Or if you practice yoga at home, grabbing your bag and setting up will be quick and easy, even after a long day of work.


Most yoga equipment is made from foam because it’s cheap to manufacture. Unfortunately, foam is derived from petroleum, a non-biodegradable substance that releases toxic chemicals into the atmosphere when burned.

Conversely, cork is an organic material derived from cork oak trees. It’s fully biodegradable, recyclable, and sustainable, meaning that when you purchase an eco-friendly cork yoga mat bag, instead of a foam foam one, you are helping to preserve our planet.


This last benefit is subjective, but there are many who find the natural-looking material of a cork yoga mat bag fashionable. Not that fashion is important to yoga, but it doesn’t hurt to look good, especially if you’re attending a class.


Cork yoga mat bags make traveling with your equipment convenient, but more importantly, it keeps you organized and focused on the task at hand.

Whether you’re new to yoga and looking for high-quality equipment, or you’re more experienced and want to upgrade your old equipment, we recommend browsing Pureful’s cork yoga essentials. We think you’ll be especially interested in the cork yoga blocks and cork yoga mats.

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6 reviews for Cork Yoga Mat Bag

  1. Cindy

    Despite doing yoga for a few years now, I’ve continuously stumbled around with my yoga mat in my hand, as inconvenient as that’s been. Along with my towel, water bottle and purse lol. This bag allows me to fit all of that inside with ease, so no more fumbling all my stuff in my hands. It also has a separate zipper for things like a phone and keys. If you also struggle to get from your house to you car, and then carry everything into the yoga studio in embarrassing fashion, you’ve found the right product.

  2. Timothy

    Neat bag, for the $40 price that I paid. Goes great with the cork yoga mat and functions as described.

  3. aleysha

    luv this! i debated adding it to my purchase but i’m glad i did

  4. Simone Jenkins

  5. Trina

    Very smooth and well made. Easily holds 2 yoga mats with extra room to spare for towel and such.

  6. heather m

    this looks perfect next to the cork yoga mat. in fact, it looks a little weird using a standard yoga bag with a cork mat, so you really need to get this cork bag too 🙂 it functions great. fits more than the mat too.

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