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  • Excellent grip for all poses and postures
  • Eco-friendly, recyclable, sustainable and fully bio-degradable!
  • Rounded, contoured edges for a comfortable feel
  • Zero toxic chemicals or PVC, unlike most yoga blocks
  • Durable, long-lasting premium grade cork

Product Details:

  • Size: 9″ x 6″ x 3.5″ (standard size)
  • Weight: 2.1 lbs.
  • Material: Organic, natural cork


Yoga blocks, especially those made with cork, are an essential tool for all types of yoga. Here, we explain the unique benefits of using cork yoga blocks before recommending our favorite poses.

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Yoga can be a very demanding physical activity, since it requires balance, breath control, flexibility, and concentration. For beginners, all these components of yoga can be overwhelming. For experienced yogis, they come by a bit easier.

Both beginners and experts benefit from using a cork yoga block because it assists with difficult poses and improves the overall yoga routine. It provides added stabilization when you’re getting started and your body isn’t trained for advanced poses. But that additional stability also allows you to achieve more challenging poses and deeper stretches at a higher level.

Cork yoga blocks are shaped like a brick with rounded corners, allowing them to support your weight and conform to any part of your body. They’re also comfortable to grip during planks, push-ups, and shoulder exercises. These features help you to modify or switch between poses easily, and hold poses and stretches for longer periods of time. You can also incorporate new poses into your routine that utilize yoga blocks.

Overall, using a cork yoga block, no matter your skill level, will provide you greater stability than any floor, mat, or balance ball.



Most yoga blocks are made from foam, and that’s a problem. Foam is often made from toxic and non-sustainable materials. They’re also non-biodegradable and cannot be efficiently recycled. Plus, it creates added pollution when burned and discarded – therefore, foam yoga blocks are environmentally unsafe.


Cork yoga blocks are an organic, eco-friendly, wonderful alternative to foam. Their main ingredient is derived from tree bark, specifically that of the Quercus Suber (known as “cork oak”). For environmentally-aware users, this makes cork yoga blocks the obvious choice. The funny thing is, cork yoga blocks are typically more durable and better suited for physical exercise than foam yoga blocks – so not only is cork the more eco-friendly option, it’s also just better for yoga overall.


While both foam and cork come from the Earth, foam undergoes a highly unnatural development which cannot be undone. Unfortunately, many companies opt to produce foam yoga blocks due to their low cost. That’s why it’s important to buy cork yoga blocks instead. Vote with your wallet! Let these companies know that we’re concerned, not only with our own health, but also the health of our planet.


The Pureful Cork Yoga Block encompasses every health benefit and eco-friendly feature we praised throughout this webpage. So if you like what you’ve read about thus far, you’ll love this organic yoga block when it reaches your hand!

Pureful has developed a durable yoga block made from premium grade cork. It’s recyclable, sustainable, fully biodegradable, and free of toxic chemicals or PVC. It has rounded, contoured edges for a comfortable feel and excellent grip for all poses and postures. At 2.1 lbs, this cork yoga block is lightweight, and at 9″ x 6″ x 4″, it’s compact too. If you want to enhance your yoga experience and improve your health, all while keeping the Earth clean, you’ll be thrilled to own an organic cork yoga block from Pureful.


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5 reviews for Cork Yoga Block

  1. Brianna

    Got the cork mat with this, and they compliment each other well 🙂 Clean and firm.

  2. sean k

    recently found out most yoga blocks have risky chemicals in their materials, so finding a cork yoga block brings a sign of relief. plus, this yoga block has a solid, well-built feel to it. much better sense of support when the block has durability to it, compared to most yoga blocks

  3. Linda Jensen

    Much higher quality than foam blocks, just a tad heavier. Goes great with Pureful’s yoga mat.

  4. Sienna

    Works great! Never used a yoga block before, and I’m glad my first one is a cork block. Each edge is equally rounded and it was a pleasant surprise to find out the block looks better in person than pictures. Glad I chose cork over foam, wood and bamboo blocks, considering bamboo is way too expensive and not as grippy.

  5. Melissa

    Has a great feel to it. It started to chip after a few months of using it, but it’s only minor. It’s still a nice yoga block.

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