RANKED: Best Yoga Clothing [2023]

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#1 Best Yoga Clothing (Our Top Pick)

VOYJOY Yoga Pants Leggings

VOYJOY Tie-Die Yoga Pants / Leggings (15 more colors)

9.7  Review Score

Reasons to Buy:
✅ Scrunch design for butt-lifting
✅ Trendy tie-die colors and designs
✅ Low irritation w/ interlock seams
✅ Contoured curves that attractively shape your legs + hips

❌ Durability issues
❌ Some customers reported damages upon delivery


Dragon Fit Sports Bra Yoga Top

Dragon Fit Sports Bra Yoga Top (12 more colors)

9.4  Review Score

Reasons to Buy:
✅ Buttery-soft, breathable and stretchy
✅ Sweat-wicking to keep you dry
✅ Customers reported long-lasting durability
✅ 15 vibrant colors to choose from

❌ Somewhat-long shoulder straps
❌ MUST read company’s sizing details (NOT Amazon sizing chart)


BALEAF Long-Sleeve Workout Top

BALEAF Long-Sleeve Workout Top (5 more colors)

9.2  Review Score

Reasons to Buy:
✅ Silhouette-style fabric
✅ Unique ventilation on the back
✅ Repels sweat and dries quickly
✅ Built-in thumbholes prevents “wrist ride-up”

❌ A tad shorter than expected
❌ White color is slightly inaccurate (more like cream)


Core 10 Yoga Sports Bra

Core 10 Yoga Sports Bra

9.1  Review Score

Reasons to Buy:
✅ Trendy look + design
✅ Very thin straps (fit nicely under any top)
✅ Moisture wicking for sweat & water
✅ Snug fit across bottom band

❌ Limited color selection
❌ Some customers report returning for 1 size smaller


IUGA Yoga Pants

IUGA Yoga Pants Leggings (15 more colors)

8.9  Review Score

Reasons to Buy:
✅ Buttery soft and stretchy material for a cozy fit
✅ 100% non see-through fabric – worry-free!
✅ Hidden waistband pocket for convenient storage
✅ Tummy control for a streamlined look

❌ Not ideal for tall people (over 6’3″)
❌ Some customers thought material was too thick


CRZ YOGA Workout Shorts

CRZ YOGA Workout Shorts (25 more colors)

8.8  Review Score

Reasons to Buy:
✅ Thin + light as a feather
✅ Drawstring to tighten around waist
✅ Inner lining to prevent friction/chafing
✅ Additional back zipper pocket

❌ Occasionally may ride up
❌ Some customers reported drawstring had to be tied very tight



CRZ YOGA Tank Top (12 more colors)

8.8  Review Score

Reasons to Buy:
✅ Designed for yoga + all forms of exercise
✅ Shelf bra w/ detachable pads
✅ Allows for 100% range of motion – not restricted
✅ Unique “naked” feel – 81% Polyamide 19% Elastane

❌ Material thicker than expected
❌ Higher neck than most tank tops


Dragon Fit High-Waist Yoga Legging Pants

Dragon Fit High-Waist Yoga Legging Pants (39 more colors)

8.7  Review Score

Reasons to Buy:
✅ High-waist, tummy flattening effect
✅ 4-way comfy stretch (sweat-wicking)
✅ 3 pockets (2 sides, 1 inner)
✅ Large color selection for the perfect look

❌ Some customers reported itching near the waist
❌ Colors sometimes vary from image – check disclaimer

Buying Guide for Yoga Clothing and Apparel

Need help with finding the right yoga clothes? This section is for learning why dedicated yoga apparel is needed – along with the benefits and how you can select the best yoga clothing to match your wants and needs. Let’s dive in!

Benefits of Yoga Clothes

Yoga is a physical practice with mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits. As such, it is important to have clothing that will help you get the most out of your practice. Wearing the right type of clothing can help maximize the effectiveness of your poses and make your yoga experience more enjoyable. Let’s explore three benefits of wearing yoga clothing when practicing yoga.

Comfort and Full Range of Motion

The first benefit of wearing yoga clothing is comfort. Yoga clothing is designed to be lightweight and breathable so that you can move freely during your practice without feeling restricted by your clothes. The material used in yoga clothing is also soft and stretchy to ensure maximum comfort while performing poses. Additionally, the fit of the clothes allows for a full range of motion so that no matter what pose you are doing, you can do it without feeling hindered by your clothes.


Another benefit of wearing yoga clothing is its breathability. Breathable materials such as cotton or bamboo are used in yoga clothes to help regulate your body temperature during your practice. This helps keep you cool no matter how vigorous the practice gets and ensures that you don’t overheat or become uncomfortable due to sweat buildup in certain areas.

Stylish Patterns and Colors

Finally, many types of yoga clothing come in fun and stylish patterns and colors that can add personality to your practice. Unlike other types of workout wear which are often plain or dull looking, yoga clothes come in bright patterns or vibrant colors that will make you stand out as you go through each pose. This can be especially helpful if you want to look good while practicing but also want something comfortable enough to perform all the poses correctly.

Essential Tips for Choosing the Best Yoga Apparel

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, finding the right yoga clothes can make a big difference in your practice. From breathability to fit and style, there are several things to consider when shopping for yoga clothing. If you’re looking for the perfect outfit for your next yoga session, read on for three essential tips to keep in mind during your shopping adventure.

The Fabric

Finding the right fabric is key when it comes to choosing the best clothing for your practice. Breathable fabrics like cotton and bamboo are ideal because they allow air to flow freely and won’t make you too sweaty while you practice. Avoid any materials that don’t feel comfortable against your skin or that will cause chafing as you move through different poses.

The Fit

Choosing clothes that fit properly is also essential if you want to get the most out of your yoga session. Look for items that fit your body type and won’t ride up or fall down while you move through different poses. Clothes that are too loose might slide off during certain postures, while clothes that are too tight could restrict movement and make it difficult to focus on proper form and alignment.

The Style

Finally, make sure to choose something that makes you feel comfortable and confident in your practice—this means picking something with a style that resonates with you! There are plenty of brands out there offering stylish options from classic tank tops and leggings to fun graphic tees and joggers—so take some time to explore all of the possibilities until you find what you need for yoga!

Reviewing The Best Yoga Clothing for Your Practice

Shopping for yoga clothes can be overwhelming – but by keeping these three simple tips in mind, it will be much easier! Remember – yoga clothing offers numerous benefits for those who choose to wear it while practicing yoga, and you can match them with the best yoga equipment. Not only does it provide comfort during challenging poses, but it also helps keep your body temperature regulated with its breathable fabrics as well as adds personality with its stylish patterns and colors.

Whether it’s finding a top with an inspiring message or leggings to wear as pants, take some time to explore all of the options available until you find what works best for YOU! So next time you’re going for a session, consider investing in some high-quality yoga apparel – who knows, maybe it could take your practice up a notch!