Yoga Weight Loss Before and After (Is it REALLY Possible?)

Yoga Weight Loss Before and After (Is it REALLY Possible?)

Published On: June 15th, 2022
yoga weight loss before and after

Have you seen those yoga weight loss “before and after” images?

Are the results quick and easy… or slow & difficult?

Many hope to achieve the stunning benefits of yoga – so they can post a beautiful yoga weight loss (before and after) photo that WOW’S their followers!

That can be you – and we’ll help you accomplish this goal. In this article, we’ll help you truly grasp what a yoga weight loss “before and after” transformation is going to be like.

Let’s start with a common question we get – can you REALLY lose weight by practicing yoga?

Is Yoga Effective For Weight Loss?

Many forms of yoga can help speed-up your metabolism – and many yogis prefer a yoga program that helps guide through the process.

In this article, we explain which forms of yoga are the most effective for a yoga weight loss before and after – along with discussing other factors that contribute to weight loss (such as diet and physical activity).

It’s VERY possible to lose weight by practicing yoga and committing to a healthy, maintainable lifestyle.

Are The Yoga Weight Loss “Before and After” Pictures Real & Legit?

Many are real and legit… but like anything on the internet, there can be a lot of exaggerated claims (and even fake scams). Don’t be swayed by other people’s progress – whether it be false or true. Focus on you and what you can achieve during your yoga weight loss journey!

Here’s a real & authentic yoga weight loss transformation we found on Instagram from @chicandsweaty – congrats to her! This only took 3-4 weeks.

Yoga Weight Loss Before and After – Setting Your Expectations

Many have observed noticeable progress within two weeks of regularly practicing yoga. There are a vast amount of benefits to regularly practicing yoga:

  • Boosting your mood and energy
  • Alleviating chronic lower back pain
  • Improving strength and flexibility

It’s important to note that weight loss will not SOLELY come from consistent, daily yoga movement. There is much more that goes into a weight loss transformation through yoga than the exercise itself.

In reality, it requires:

  • Discipline
  • Building healthy habits
  • Determination
  • A little bit of patience

Yoga is not solely about the physical aspects – but is largely imparted by mental aspects that improve the connection with the physical body.

Think of the expression “what comes in comes out” saying. What goes into your body whether it be food, books, shows, interactions with other people, how you talk to yourself, etc., are all powerful tools that can decide your overall progress.

By improving your relationship with food, your body, and your mind… you can drastically improve your results during your yoga weight loss journey.

How To Achieve These Yoga Weight Loss Before and After Results – Getting Started

Weight loss contributes to a caloric deficit which is created by two deciding factors – food intake and energy expenditure.

  • To speed-up your weight loss journey with yoga… incorporate a balanced diet of organic, whole foods.
  • Cut-out 80-90% of your current processed foods (as they are high in calories and low in nutrients).
  • You’ll feel the health improvements by eating nutritious foods that power your immune system and raise your energy levels!
  • Another is performing other activities like weight lifting to aerobic exercises.

Walking or bike riding are two simple aerobic exercises that can be done on “rest” days. They require minimal effort while simultaneously increasing caloric expenditure to aid and further progress your yoga weight loss journey.

Step 1) Take Your “Before” Photos, Document Weight & Measurements

To take your “before” photos, you’re going to want to choose an outfit that you’d be comfortable in.

(And that’s only if you plan to share “before and after” photos once you’ve achieved your progress.)

  • For your “before” photos, remember that eating (or lack of eating) will affect your size in the image. 
  • For example – if you eat prior to your “before” image, you’ll also want to eat prior to the “after” image too.
  • Remember – even healthy foods can cause people to bloat after all!

Center the camera angle that isn’t too high or too low. Take a picture in the front, both sides, and from the back to get all the angles of your body for your “before” photos.

Step 2) Get Your Yoga Essentials

There are a few yoga essentials, along with some added pieces of yoga equipment that can make for an easier time during your yoga weight loss journey.

Yoga mats are essential yoga equipment needed to practice yoga regularly.

  • It prevents slipping and sliding when flowing through different poses.
  • For many, that can be caused by sweaty palms (that would otherwise cause you to slip).
  • A yoga block or wheel are great yoga tools to practice depth and different angles in yoga poses.
  • It can be the stepping stone that helps you work into achieving a split as you’ve always wanted to accomplish!

Step 3) Come Up With Your Yoga Routine

  • First, if you’re going to be practicing yoga at home, we highly recommend a weight loss system that combines yoga, nutrition and discipline.
  • Next, commit to a time and day(s) that you will be practicing.
  • Make sure to stay disciplined and avoid skipping sessions so as to avoid falling off the rails, so to speak.

Incorporate a flow and specific yoga poses during your yoga routine.

Poses like Warrior 2, Bridge pose, and Tree pose are some of the few yoga poses we recommend adding to your weekly or daily yoga routine.

Don’t be afraid to pull up a free yoga YouTube session if you’re feeling uninspired – or schedule a class to get away from home a little bit!

Step 4) Stay Consistent In Your Practice

Without consistency, there are no results.

Consistency develops into a habit, which continues to grow results and more progress that you understandably desire during your yoga weight loss journey.

  • Schedule a specific time and days that you are dedicating to your yoga practice. Do not skip them.
  • For many, one skipped session leads to two, then three, then four.
  • Listen to your body and take a break if needed, but ensure that you will get back on the horse the next day or next session.

Step 5) Optimize Other Areas Of Your Life Like Diet, Sleep, etc.

Diet and sleep are essential for all-around progress.

  • Without proper sleep, our brain does not function properly.
  • It won’t send clear signals to our body, which results in a lag that can influx negative emotions that affect your yoga practice.
  • You MUST get enough sleep each night – and you should consider meditating (before going to bed, when you wake up, or at midday) to help you relax from negative thoughts or feelings.

Diet is another important factor to focus on during your yoga weight loss journey. Food is fuel and not all fuel is created equal.

You wouldn’t put diesel in a Honda Civic, nor would you put regular gas in a Ford F-350, as it would clog up the fuel filter.

Similar to this line of thinking… eating loads of processed food can lead to a clogged up digestive system. This affects other body systems and can cause:

  • Disease
  • Sickness
  • Lack of energy
  • Mental health issues

Enjoy what you eat, but we encourage you to eat nutritionally-dense whole foods to strengthen your body and inspire progress during your yoga weight loss journey.

Watch your energy levels soar, your mental health improve, and your sleep improve with proper nutrition!

Step 6) Be Patient – Document Progress Over The Course Of Months, Not Days or Weeks!

Yoga weight loss “before and after” pictures are very much attainable as an end goal, along with other major improvements.

Within two weeks of your yoga weight loss journey, there will be noticeable positive improvements whether they be wholly physical or a mixture of physical and mental.

  • The yoga weight loss journey is meant to be a maintainable one, not an immediate quick fix.
  • Rushing progress leads to bad habits or an unsustainable lifestyle similar to how commonly restrictive eating can lead to binge eating.
  • The goal of yoga is to improve overall physical and mental health and connection without unrealistic expectations.

While on your yoga weight loss journey strive to project realistic expectations and daily improvements, understanding that there will be down days and up days.

It’s not a steady uphill climb, but rather a waving hilly road that has its ups and downs.

Have compassion for yourself, and set realistic maintainable daily and weekly goals that when enforced can empower the creation of healthy habits and improve upon your overall progress.

Yoga For Weight Loss Before and After – Wrapping Things Up

If you’re looking to start your yoga weight loss journey as soon as possible, don’t hesitate. Jump right in and attack it!

Today is your day to make a decision – start your yoga journey and prepare to post a STUNNING yoga weight loss before and after picture all over your social media!