Yoga Bricks vs. Blocks – What’s the Difference? Which is Better?

Yoga Bricks vs. Blocks – What’s the Difference? Which is Better?

Published On: October 8th, 2022
yoga brick vs block

First off – is there ACTUALLY a difference between yoga bricks and blocks?

Well… sorta.

In this short article, we’re going to cover a few key differences in materials, size and uses for each – so you can avoid the confusion and decide which one is best for you while shopping for yoga tools and props online. Let’s dive in!

Yoga bricks vs. blocks – what’s the difference?

Yoga blocks and bricks have some differences in size and material – some are cork/wood and some are foam (as we’ll explain below). On top of that, some are 3 inches in width, and some are 4 inches. Each one has its own benefits for stability and sturdiness.


When people say “yoga bricks” – they’re mostly referring to cork or wood (not foam). However, you’ll occasionally hear foam blocks called “yoga bricks” too (but it’s uncommon).

On the other hand, when you hear “yoga blocks” – these can either mean cork, wood or foam.

in other words… foam is almost exclusively for the term “yoga block” and cork/wood can refer to either blocks or bricks equally.


You might see 2 variations of “cork yoga blocks” – one as a block, and one as a brick.

In this case, bricks are 3 inches in width – while blocks are 4 inches.

If you want a raised-up platform to bring the ground closer to you… you might want 4 inches (especially for Triangle or Camel Pose). On the other hand, with a 3 inch block – if you lay it on the side, it will be more wobbly and unstable.

This is another distinction to look out for. Just keep an eye on sizing differences.


We recommend checking out this article on cork and foam yoga blocks to decide the pros and cons – which covers the benefits of each one. You’ll notice upsides and downsides for each – especially for support, sturdiness, durability and sweaty hands.

Which is better – yoga bricks vs. yoga blocks?

Most yogis and instructors prefer cork yoga blocks and bricks – but foam can have its benefits too. Again, make sure to refer back to the link above.

However, beyond that – the term “brick” and “block” can be interchangeable and often mean the same thing. If you’re looking to buy one, make sure to look at the specifications to see the size and width – along with how many blocks you need.