What Name Do I Call A Yoga Instructor? (NOT This!)

What Name Do I Call A Yoga Instructor? (NOT This!)

Published On: October 20th, 2022
what name do i call a yoga instructor

You joined a new yoga studio… but you don’t know what name to call the yoga instructor!

You don’t want to be rude and call them by the “wrong name” – but you also don’t want to call them “ma’am” or “sir.” What do you do?

We got you! This article will cover every name, title and bit of advice you should be aware of – so you can know what name to call a yoga instructor and teacher.

What do you call a yoga instructor? Is there a name?

Most students call their instructor by their first name – that’s it. In general, there isn’t one specific name or title for them. They might be called a yoga instructor, yoga teacher, or simply a teacher/instructor. Sometimes they might be called a “yoga master” – we’ll cover that below.

What if I don’t know their first name?

This is probably your “worst case scenario” in terms of awkwardness. Just say “Hey, instructor, ____” and state your sentence/question.

Then after you get an answer, say “And by the way, do you want students to call you by a certain name or title?”

Or you can go a different route and say “Hey, instructor, sorry I forgot your name – what is it again?”

As long as you say this confidently, it won’t come off awkward at all. These are all perfectly normal to ask.

What title is best for a yoga teacher?

There isn’t necessarily one specific title that’s best for a yoga teacher. It depends on the context in which they’re teaching (and their own personal preferences).

  • Some titles that could be used include “yoga teacher”, “yoga instructor”, or simply “teacher.”
  • You might also hear some students say “the leader of the class.”
  • You probably don’t want to use these terms when you’re speaking directly to the instructor – just use their first name, until you’re told otherwise. And if you don’t know their first name yet, say “Hey, instructor, ___”

However, you might want to be aware of a “yoga master” – which we cover later on below. But first…

6 Tips to avoid being rude

Yoga is a wonderful way to relax, de-stress, and get in touch with your body and mind. However, it can be easy to forget your manners when you’re in a yoga class. Here are some tips to help you avoid being rude to your yoga instructor.

1. Don’t call them “coach”

Unless requested, using the term “coach” comes off a little awkward. It’s not necessarily super rude, and it’s really not a big deal, but it”ll sound a bit “out of place” per se.

2. Not sure? Go to the yoga studio’s website (or check the teacher’s social media)

Before you go to a yoga class, it’s always a good idea to check out the studio’s website or the teacher’s social media. This will give you an idea of what kind of classes they offer and what their teaching style is like. It will also give you an idea of what kind of language and terminology they use.

3. If you’re unsure, ask before the class begins

You can simply ask “is there a name or title you would like us to call you?” and they will gladly let you know. This question isn’t awkward at all.

4. Be respectful and remember their proper title

Yoga instructors have a lot of experience and training, and they deserve to be respected. Remember to use the proper title when addressing them, such as “teacher” or “instructor.”

5. If you’re still unsure, just use their first name

This way, you can avoid any potential awkwardness or offense. Regardless, chances are your yoga instructor won’t be mad or annoyed – especially since it’s likely your first time with them. After the first session or two, this won’t be a problem.

6. Remember that yoga instructors are there to help you

Keep in mind – yoga teachers are some of the most friendly, empathetic and kind-hearted people you’ll ever meet. They want you to have a positive experience in their class and will do everything they can to help you. As always – if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask them.

By following the tips above, you can avoid being rude to your yoga instructor and have a great experience in their class.

What name do you call a male or female yoga teacher?

There isn’t necessarily a specific name that’s used for male or female yoga teachers. They might be called “yoga teacher”, “yoga instructor”, or simply “teacher”. You generally want to avoid using “sir” or “ma’am” – in the vast majority of cases, you can simply use their first name.

What is the leader of a yoga class called?

Once again, the leader of a yoga class is typically called the “instructor” or “teacher”. This person is responsible for teaching the class and leading the students through the various yoga poses.

What phrase would you describe a yoga teacher/instructor with?

A yoga teacher is someone who teaches yoga. They might be called a yoga instructor, or simply a teacher. The title of “instructor” is typically given to someone who is qualified to teach yoga and has done so for a certain amount of time.

What is a yoga master?

A yoga master is someone who has achieved a uniquely-high level of mastery the art of yoga – often recognized beyond a regular teacher/instructor. They typically have years of experience and are highly skilled in all aspects of yoga. You will likely know if a yoga class leader is a “yoga master” before the class starts.

What name is a yoga master called?

A yoga master might be called a “Guru” – which is a Sanskrit term for “teacher” or “master” (especially in Indian religions). Many times, they’re also called “Gurudevi” meaning spiritual teacher (guru) and goddess (devi). You might also hear a yoga master called a “Devine Teacher” as well.

However, you should first wait until you hear what specific title they prefer – or try to find out before the class/session. Start off by using their first name – or go back to the tips above again.

Is there a difference between a yoga instructor/teacher and a yoga master?

Yes, there is a difference. A yoga instructor is someone who is certified to teach yoga. They might be called a yoga teacher, or simply a teacher.

The title of “instructor” is typically given to someone who is qualified to teach yoga and has done so for a certain amount of time.

A yoga master goes beyond this title – an individual who has mastered the art of yoga for several years. They are one of the highest and most-respected authorities in the field of yoga.