We Tested Silk of Gaia’s Pillowcase – Here’s Our Review

We Tested Silk of Gaia’s Pillowcase – Here’s Our Review

Published On: November 23rd, 2023
silk of gaia review

I switched from a satin pillowcase ➜ to Silk of Gaia’s mulberry silk pillowcase.

How did it go?

Let me start by saying, it’s a dreamy addition to my sleep routine. As someone who works HARD to keep youthful hair & glowing skin, Silk of Gaia really outperformed my satin pillowcase — although a few downsides I’ll mention below.

Silk of Gaia Review:

Washing (C+)

HEADS UP — you MUST wash on gentle! Or 100% hand wash.

Preferably hang dry as well.

Silk just CANNOT be washed with regular clothes — which is expected I suppose, but you really have to remember each time. Slight inconvenience in my opinion, but other women don’t mind too much.

Hair Benefits (A-)

The silk pillowcase has been a sweet upgrade for my hair.

Breakage, tangled hair and morning bedhead are wayyy down. Huge time saver.

The smooth, slippery material helps me avoid split ends — leaving my locks smoother and more manageable.

I’ve noticed a 90% decrease in frizz, making those early morning “styling sessions” much more bearable. I was able to go 3-4 days without redoing my hair again — all I needed was a quick 10 second brush.

Temperature Cooling (C+)

I noticed a slight improvement in temperature regulation, but on warmer nights, it didn’t provide the icy-cool sensation I was hoping for.

Mulberry silk does offer a certain coolness, but probably not enough for hot sleepers.

Skin Benefits (A-)

Silk of Gaia claims to “prevent your facial creams from rubbing off at night” — and I found this to be 90% true. It’s not 100%, but its a huge improvement compared to my previous satin pillowcase.

Durability (A)

This pillowcase can handle tossing, turning and pulling over several months.

The stitching is top-notch, and after multiple washes, it still looks as good as new. No loose threads or fading colors here.

Pure Non-Toxic Silk (A)

Silk of Gaia stays true to its promise of using pure, 100% genuine Mulberry Silk. No weird chemical smells or skin irritations here.

It’s a relief to know that my head isn’t resting on any toxic materials every night — such as polyester satin.

Comfort (A-)

Softness is where this pillowcase truly shines.

The luxurious feel of Mulberry Silk against my skin is super dreamy, and it’s genuinely a pleasure to snuggle up with every night.

Although keep in mind, the slipperiness took a bit of getting used to — my phone slid down the cracks of the bed & wall.

Overall Review for Silk of Gaia’s Pillowcase (A-)

Despite a couple of hiccups, the Silk of Gaia pillowcase has boosted my sleep & beauty routine. The benefits for my hair and skin outweigh the slightly-disappointing “cold temp” that many silk companies advertise.

While it’s an investment, but the overall improvement to my hair, skin and sleep quality was definitely worth it.

If you’re seeking a luxurious silk pillowcase that delivers on its promises, Silk of Gaia is a solid A- overall.

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