How To Store A Yoga Mat At Home (DON’T Do This!)

How To Store A Yoga Mat At Home (DON’T Do This!)

By the Pureful Yoga Team 🍃

Published On: July 14th, 2022
how to store yoga mat safely

Learning how to store a yoga mat is extremely important for your practice (and your wallet). There are many cases of early damage – forcing you to buy ANOTHER mat again (why are yoga mats so expensive?).

This happens more than you think. Just go on yoga forums.

Think about it – you’ve spent HOURS on your yoga mat… practicing, meditating, and challenging yourself. So, why not be careful and learn how to extend your beloved mat’s life? You can do that by learning how to store a yoga mat at home!

Don’t take your yoga mat for granted. Think about this:

  • Rolling it up to simply toss it in the corner isn’t the way to go when trying to maintain the quality of your favorite yoga equipment tool.
  • Where and how you store your yoga mat plays a huge part in your mat’s lifespan.
  • Fail to store it properly… and you’ll be constantly buying new mats! 

In this article, we’re going to show you how to store your yoga mat at home. We will be presenting the best tips for storing and caring for a yoga mat – in order to preserve your mat’s lifespan and durability. 

Is There A “Right & Wrong Way” To Store A Yoga Mat?

There is! It comes in 2 parts – packing up your mat (after leaving the studio) and storing the yoga mat at home. These are both different processes, and MANY mistakes can be made if you’re not prepared with your essential yoga items.

  • Remember – learning how to store a yoga mat at home will preserve your mat’s quality and lifespan.
  • Many times, a yoga mat would have lasted longer – if it wasn’t for a small mistake that permanently damaged the mat.
  • That’s (potentially) another $20-120 down the drain.

In our post, “How To Roll Up Yoga Mats Correctly: Step By Step Guide”, we go in-depth on the precise method to the madness of learning how to properly roll up yoga mats – like learning how to prevent the annoying curl at the end of your yoga mat! 

Risks of Not Knowing How to Store A Yoga Mat Correctly

Yoga mats are not an inexpensive item. In fact, yoga mats can run up to more than a hundred dollars (depending on quality and brand)! 

By protecting your investment – as shown in our post, “How To Travel With A Yoga Mat: The Complete Guide” –  you avoid having to buy more mats… more frequently… in a shorter time span. Taking care of your mat and yoga equipment gear by learning how to store your mat correctly can improve its lifespan – and keep the quality of the yoga mat from dwindling. 

Incorrectly storing a yoga mat can result in damage to the grip, surface, and cushion of the mat. Even one single impact, dent or “squish in a corner” can do permanent damage.

How To Store A Yoga Mat At Home: 5 Methods

There are so many efficient and creative ways to learn how to store a yoga mat at home, continue reading to find out which method best suits you! 

Method #1: Hang Up Your Yoga Mat

To hang up your yoga mat, we recommend using a mat hanger. 

This prevents any curling at the edges of the yoga mat. It provides a designated space for the yoga mat to completely air out after using it – preventing any buildup of moisture on the mat that could result in mold spots. 

  • Many yogis and instructors prefer to use a yoga mat hanger.
  • It’s a must-have accessory to keep your yoga mat in a compact space away from the “hustle and bustle” of traffic in the house – from pets, guests, or otherwise.
  • The placement works as an easy storing spot for a quick grab-and-go for your next yoga session, too! 

Method #2: Invest In A Yoga Mat Rack

Whether it be a wall-mounted or a display yoga mat rack, these storage units can be a great method of storing your yoga mats—especially if you have more than one!

  • A yoga mat rack saves a lot of space by storing multiple yoga mats in a confined space.
  • Using a wall-mounted yoga mat rack can be a fun decorating tool for a yoga studio or your home space where you practice.
  • Many yoga mat racks have a multi-functional design for hanging yoga belts, resistance bands, sweat towels, and more!

Method #3: Use A Mat Cabinet

Another great method to learn how to store a yoga mat are mat cabinets. This unit is great for yogis that have more than one yoga mat. Yoga studios will often have a mat cabinet to store extra yoga mats for visiting yogis. 

Mat cabinets are a wonderful storage option as they help maintain cleanliness, hiding the yoga mat(s) and other essential workout accessories from dust and sun exposure. 

Method #4: Hang Your Mat Bag

If you don’t have a mat bag, here are the best yoga bags of 2023 to help you make an informed decision.

  • Fold your yoga mat before placing it inside the yoga mat bag.
  • Then, find a safe accessible space to hang your mat bag.
  • This yoga mat storing option makes for a quick and easy grab-and-go option—especially if you tend to run notoriously late when leaving for yoga class! 

Method #5: Try A Mat Basket

We highly recommend using this method on how to store a yoga mat at home – check out these yoga baskets here.

  • The awesome part? Any clothing basket without a lid can function as a mat basket too!
  • Any woven basket you can find at stores like Home Goods or Target can be used as your DIY yoga mat basket.
  • Simply roll up your yoga mat and insert it vertically into the yoga mat basket to lean up against a wall. The ultimate decorative and aesthetically-pleasing yoga mat storing option! 

5 Tips To Preserve The Life Of Your Yoga Mat

Check out these other tips to use to preserve the life of your yoga mat—don’t skip over these essential tips! 

Tip #1: Avoid Direct Sunlight 

Drying or exposing your yoga mat to direct sunlight is a big no-no. When exposed to direct sunlight, the color of the yoga mat can fade. The exposure damages the grip of the yoga mat which can result in needing to invest in a new yoga mat so you don’t slip and slide during yoga class!

Tip #2: Always Clean Your Yoga Mat

After a sweaty yoga session, the yoga mat will end up wet and covered in sweat. It’s in that moisture that bacteria and viruses can reproduce.

We can’t express enough how crucial it is to clean your yoga mat after every session. There are plenty of safe disinfectant sprays or cleaners that can be used on yoga mats—some are even specifically designed for yogis to use on their mats! If you currently don’t have any cleaners prepared to clean your yoga mat, simply combine equal parts water and vinegar and add a drop or two of essential oil into your homemade yoga mat cleaner!

When wiping down your yoga mat, use a clean microfiber cloth. Be gentle when wiping down your yoga mat so as not to damage the mat or its grip. Make sure to allow your yoga mat to air dry before rolling it up and storing it. 

Tip #3: Keep Your Hands & Feet Clean When Using Your Yoga Mat

An effective method to preserve the life of your yoga mat is washing your hands and feet before using your yoga mat. Both your hands and feet exude a lot of oil, holding bacteria and dirt—especially feet. By cleaning your feet and hands before practicing on your yoga mat, you are efficiently lessening the amount of dirt, oil, and bacteria exposed to your yoga mat. 

Tip #4: Start Laying Down A Yoga Towel When You Practice

Investing in a yoga towel—designed to be the same size as a majority of yoga mats—is a smart option in regards to preserving the lifespan of your yoga mat. 

A yoga towel is used to incorporate more support and cushion while improving grip during your yoga practice. Laying a yoga towel down on your yoga mat can be a great method to prevent your yoga mat soaking in a ton of moisture and sweat. 

Tip #5: Always Keep Your Yoga Mat Dry

Keeping your yoga mat dry is an essential part of preserving the lifespan of your quality yoga mat. If you don’t have time to clean your yoga mat after a session, we recommend laying the yoga mat flat to air dry before rolling it up or storing it. Another option is to use a microfiber cloth to pat the yoga mat dry.

We encourage you to always dry your mat before rolling it up or storing it. Rolling the yoga mat up when it’s still wet will result in a bacteria-feasting-ground. Always make sure your yoga mat is dry before rolling it up and storing it away. 

Final Thoughts On How To Store A Yoga Mat At Home

Learning how to store a yoga mat at home is essential to prolonging the life of your beloved yoga mat. Whether it be on a yoga mat hanger or in a wall-mounted yoga mat rack, there are plenty of storing options for your yoga mat that can be used (without harming the quality or lifespan of your yoga mat).