How to Roll Up a Yoga Mat (AVOID Damaging It!)

How to Roll Up a Yoga Mat (AVOID Damaging It!)

Published On: March 29th, 2024
How To Roll Up Yoga Mats Correctly: Step By Step Guide

Do you feel like your yoga mat gets dirtier much faster than it should? Do the edges of your mat curl up and simply refuse to lay flat on the floor?

If you answered yes to either of these, we’ve got some news for you.

Have you ever considered that you might be rolling your yoga mats the wrong way? Probably not.

  • Most people have no idea that there’s even a “right way” to roll up their yoga mats.
  • There IS a right way to roll up your mat – or at least a better way.
  • And today, we’re going to teach you how to do it. Then we’ll explain why it’s optimal.

After reading this blog post, you’ll never roll up your mat incorrectly again – and you’ll be able to keep your mat in pristine condition! Let’s jump right in.

How to To Roll Up A Yoga Mat (The Right Way)

Keep in mind – this technique is best used with a thin or medium-sized mat.

If your mat is thick… you might need a carry strap to help you. Don’t worry, there won’t be any complicated steps. This technique makes it easier to pack up your mat – and all you have to do is follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Start with your mat flat on the floor (if you just finished doing yoga or pilates, your mat should already be flat).
  2. Grab one end of your mat and fold it in half – so that the top surface of your yoga mat is folded onto itself. Do not fold your mat all the way that the edges of the two sides match. Make sure that the top half is one or two inches shorter than the bottom half.
  3. Now, start rolling your mat like you normally would – beginning at the folded end of the mat. Roll your mat all the way up to the other end. When you look at the middle of your mat, you should see a little ying-yang symbol.

Once your yoga mat is all rolled up, pop it into your yoga bag, and you’re good to go!

Why Do I Have To Roll My Yoga Mat This Way?

You might be under the impression that yoga mats don’t really need to be put away according to an exact science – it’s just a foam pad, right?

Wrong. There are three main reasons you should start rolling up your yoga mat this way. Let’s start with the first one: rolling your mats faster.

Roll Your Mats Much Faster

The first reason is that it makes putting away your yoga mat much faster. Usually, beginner yogis tend to roll their yoga mats like they would roll a scroll.

It takes forever to roll up your mat from one end to the other. Folding your mat in half before rolling it up makes it twice as fast as the usual method.

Keep Your Yoga Mat Clean

The second reason is that it helps keep your yoga mat clean. When you roll up your yoga mat without folding it in half, the dirt from the bottom surface of your yoga can spread all over the clean side of the mat.

And yes, we know what you’re thinking – you get sweaty on the top end anyway, so it’s technically dirty on both sides. However, consider this:

  • The bottom surface is much dirtier since it comes into contact with the floor where all kinds of invisible bacteria and microbes hide.
  • This is a great technique if you like to do a lot of hot yoga, outdoor yoga, or if you don’t clean your floor too often.
  • Even if you do clean the surface of your floor, you can never be too sure of what germs lurk there. Especially if you walk around your home with shoes on all the time.

By folding your mat in half, the top end of the yoga mat folds onto itself. This keeps the dirty side of your mat from coming into contact with the clean side of your mat.

Unless you have a cork yoga mat that has antimicrobial and self-cleaning properties, you’ll want to try out this technique to keep your mat clean. Even if you do have a cork mat, though, you don’t want to touch the dirty side anyway!

Avoid The Curl!

And lastly, when you roll up your yoga mat this way, you won’t deal with any annoying curl at the edge.

You’ll finally have a clean mat that lays flat on the floor.

  • Trying to weigh down the curl with your yoga block is not enough to undo the curl. The only way to reverse the curl is by using this technique.
  • For some people, the curl might be a small thing.
  • But you have to admit – it can get annoying and even distract you from having the best yoga session you could have.

It’s one of our biggest pet peeves, and we know plenty of people find the curl annoying as well. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have come up with a better way to roll up our mats.

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