Cork vs. Foam Yoga Blocks – Which Is Better? [Pros and Cons]

Cork vs. Foam Yoga Blocks – Which Is Better? [Pros and Cons]

Published On: October 10th, 2022
cork vs foam yoga block

For many yoga poses… you NEED a yoga block to support yourself and avoid injuries.

(Especially for common poses like Bridge, Triangle and Camel pose.)

But which type is better – cork or foam yoga blocks? Here’s a look at the pros and cons of each type – along with what a yoga block is and how they’re used.

Cork vs. foam yoga blocks – which is better?

Cork yoga blocks have slightly-higher ratings from customers – based on 50 cork blocks and 50 foam blocks we compared. Cork yoga blocks scored an average 4.6 stars, while foam yoga blocks averaged 4.4 stars. However, you should choose from the factors below.

For Price – Foam Yoga Blocks

Foam yoga blocks are typically a bit cheaper – around $5 to $15 each. If you buy a yoga block set, this can range from $10-20 in savings. However, price shouldn’t be your only concern – and it should depend on what you intend to do with them. You can browse and shop more here.

For Support & Stability – Cork Yoga Blocks

Cork yoga blocks are the better option because they offer better support and stability.

Foam yoga blocks are more likely to deform and lose their shape over time, which can make them less effective for use in poses. Cork is also a sustainable material, so it’s a more environmentally-friendly option than foam.

For Sturdiness – Cork

Cork yoga blocks are more sturdy compared to foam yoga blocks – and they’re less likely to chip or crumble.

When you’re in medium-level and advanced yoga poses that require a strong foundation and a sturdy yoga block to keep your balance… cork is by far your best option.

For Softness – Foam

Foam yoga blocks are softer and more cushioned compared to cork yoga blocks, making them a better choice for people who might have delicate wrists.

Cork yoga blocks are heavier and sturdier, making them a better option for people with stronger hands and wrists.

For Durability – Cork

Foam yoga blocks are more prone to wear and tear and can become compressed over time – while cork yoga blocks are guaranteed to last a lifetime and remain 100% sturdy and rigid.

For Weight – Foam

Of course, foam yoga blocks are always going to be far lighter in weight – which might be a consideration if you’re traveling (and especially hiking somewhere to practice yoga).

That being said… they’re both the same size and dimensions, so they’ll take up the same room in your bag.

For Material – Cork

Cork yoga blocks are 100% non-toxic and eco-friendly, since they’re organic, plant-based and all-natural. They’re also a good choice for people with allergies to latex, as most foam yoga blocks contain latex (along with other sketchy chemicals and toxins, which can slowly seep into your skin.

However, if you prioritize the looks, design and outer appearance, foam yoga blocks are the go-to choice for beautiful colors and looks while practicing yoga.

For Back & Head Support – Foam

These are sensitive places on the body, which might need cushioning and support with a foam block.

However, feel free to try a cork yoga block as well (especially if you see one at a yoga studio, or a friend offers to let you try one real quick). If you don’t experience any pain or discomfort with a cork block, then go with cork.

For Sweaty Hands – Cork

One of the greatest advantages to cork materials in yoga? It’s grippy, non-slip surface.

If you’re dealing with sweaty hands (and especially hot yoga), it’s highly recommended you go with cork – due to the high-friction “activation” that cork offers with added moisture.

It’s similar to licking your finger to grip a piece of paper, the grip is extremely good.

Final verdict on cork vs. foam yoga blocks

There’s a slight majority that prefer cork yoga blocks – especially since they have a few more advantages over foam blocks. They also have better reviews across the industry, by 0.2 stars (4.6 compared to 4.4).

Chances are… you’ll probably want to go with cork.

However, if you want a personalized recommendation, feel free to contact us (using the menu at the top) and we can help you out!