Face Yoga vs. Botox – The Benefits, Pros and Cons

Both face yoga vs. Botox each have their own benefits, pros and cons. But which is best for you? In this article, we'll cover every factor & consideration -- so you can make the right decision (and avoid wasting time and/or money on the wrong option). What's the Main Difference [...]

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Who Invented Leggings? (History, Spandex and Yoga Pants)

Leggings have been around for a long time – so you're probably wondering who invented them! There's 2 different "invention periods" per se... so let's start with who invented modern leggings and yoga pants, and then we'll cover 13th century leggings and history afterwards. Who invented modern leggings? Modern day [...]

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Yoga Muscles Before and After (Does It Actually Work?)

You’ve probably seen incredible body & muscle transformations through yoga. Especially those pictures on social media – claiming they got results with NOTHING but yoga. So... are those yoga muscles "before and after" pictures legit? Well, we’re here to tell you it's definitely possible to build impressive muscle and strength [...]

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Yoga For Kayakers: Improve Your Core Strength

Kayaking, a sport beloved for its blend of adventure, nature, and physical challenge, demands not just skill and technique but also significant physical fitness, particularly core strength. Core strength is not merely about having a toned abdomen; it's the powerhouse of a kayaker's paddling force, contributing to stability, balance, and [...]

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How Long Does Face Yoga Take to Work?

Face yoga has gained popularity as a natural method to improve facial muscle tone and appearance. Many people wonder how quickly they can expect to see results with this practice. Understanding the factors influencing results and the importance of consistency and technique is essential for setting realistic expectations. How Quickly [...]

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Yoga and Chiropractic Care in Newport, Wales – A Quick Guide

Integrating yoga and chiropractic care presents a holistic approach to wellness, bridging the gap between ancient practices and modern medical treatments. Yoga, with its centuries-old roots, offers a blend of physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation to enhance flexibility, strength, and mental clarity. Chiropractic care, on the other hand, focuses [...]

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Can Yoga Improve Your Golf Swing?

Golf, often perceived as a game of leisure and precision, demands much more than just the ability to swing a club. It is a sport that intricately blends skill with physical and mental well-being, challenging players to master not only the technical aspects but also to maintain peak physical fitness [...]

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Does Yoga (After Eating) Help With Digestion?

There's no denying the massive benefit of yoga... But many are wondering – does yoga (AFTER a meal) improve digestion, bloating and gut health? Can it "internally-massage" your stomach? In this piece, we will delve into: The intricate connection between yoga and digestion Unravel benefits of yoga for gut health [...]

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