Yoga is the focus on the connection between one’s body ⁠and mind. Meaning you can practice yoga anywhere so long as you can harmonize and have the space to move freely. You could even use any materials you would like to assist with; mats, blocks, bands, etc. Any regular yogi will tell you that the type of materials they use affects their overall performance. This brings the question, are some yoga mats better than others?

There are so many different kinds of yoga mats out there:

  • Cork
  • Natural rubber
  • TPE
  • PVC

These are just some of the common materials, but there are quite a few other types of yoga mats on the market as well. With all the choices it can be a little overwhelming to know what’s right for you, whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi.

Ultimately, we believe cork yoga mats best represent the core value of yogis. They are sustainably made and eco-friendly which is an important aspect of the respect and kindness fundamentals in yoga. Cork yoga mats are also non-slip and durable, which is great for all types of yoga. It is completely worth it to make the splurge on a high-quality and sustainable cork mat!

What is a Cork Yoga Mat?

To understand why cork yoga mats are the best, it’s important to understand how they are made. The cork is sustainably harvested from cork trees. This process is done without destroying or cutting any trees since the material comes from the bark.

In addition to cork being an eco-friendly material, it is also antimicrobial, repels water, and has a great grip. Lots of cork yoga mats also have a base made of rubber, foam, or other material.

Pros and Cons of a Cork Yoga Mat

When it comes to cork yoga mat pros and cons… you’ll want to judge each benefit and downside yourself. On average, these types of yoga mats receive slightly-higher ratings due to their unique abilities to keep you grounded in your mat, prevent slipping, and offer an organic + non-toxic surface you can practice on.

What are the Benefits and Pros of a Cork Yoga Mat?

Some of the benefits to using a cork yoga mat include:

  • It’s anti-microbial and anti-bacterial (no more pesky bacteria and smelly mats!)
  • It’s non-slip
  • Good grip
  • It’s eco-friendly (sustainably-sourced and all-natural)
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • It provides a great cushion to your knees and wrists

What are the Cons of a Cork Yoga Mat?

While some of these factors listed may not be complete cons, they could be very important to some people. These cons include:

  • Unfoldable
  • Can be pricy
  • It’s grippier with more moisture

Cork mats must be rolled to store them. So if space saving is a concern when choosing a mat, it’s important to remember that this type cannot be folded. Another con people bring up when discussing cork mats is their price. However, the mat is made of all-natural cork making it a high-quality product that is well worth the price.

Lastly, some yogis have complained that the grip is better with moisture. By spraying a bit of water on the mat (or your hands and feet), it’s a quick fix.

But some people also complain about yoga mats being TOO grippy, since it can be difficult to transition into your next pose. The majority of yogis prefer the default cork grip without water, so it’s all personal preference.

How Do you Maintain a Cork Yoga Mat?

Cork is self-cleaning and resistant to gross germs and dust — and it’s super easy to clean since all you need is a damp cloth with cold water. Simply rub both sides, let it air dry, and you have a freshly cleaned mat.

However, if you want a deep clean (although unnecessary), you can fill a spray bottle of water, witch hazel, and an essential oil. Then you can spray your mat and use your damp cloth to rub in the mixture. For more detailed instructions, you can check out our how to clean a cork yoga mat blog post.

Are Cork Yoga Mats Good?

Cork yoga mats are better than good, they are the best option for any yogi out there. With antimicrobial and water repellent properties, the mat basically maintains itself. It doesn’t absorb water or sweat that comes from use and keeps away any dust or dirt.

These mats are better than the competing materials. Cork mats lead as the best material for performance, cleanliness, and practicing eco-friendly yoga.

Are Cork Yoga Mats Slippery?

Cork is a nonslip and water-resistant material that makes for a good grip. The mat contains suberin, a waxy substance that literally repels sweat and small particles. So there’s no need to worry about slipping and sliding during a hot yoga sesh or about having a smelly mat.

With a little moisture, your grip should actually improve. You can even spritz a bit of water on your hands and feet to maximize your grip.

Are Cork or Rubber Yoga Mats Better?

Natural rubber and cork mats are often compared to one another because they both offer eco-friendly ways to practice yoga. However, we believe that cork yoga mats are better than rubber ones because it has way more pros.

Rubber mats are made from latex, a liquid that comes from rubber trees’ ducts. Since it comes from latex, if you have an allergy to the material, rubber mats are not the right choice for you. Aside from excluding those with allergies, these mats also are on the heavy side and come with a bad rubber smell that slowly fades over time.

Cork mats are incredibly lightweight and are practically odorless. These also become gripper while wet, meanwhile rubber mats lose grip. Although you can’t fold your cork mat like you could with a rubber one, the extra cushion provides more support to your knees and joints.

It is clear that cork yoga mats are better than rubber ones, but if you really like both of the materials you can find mats that contain both. Some cork mats have a natural rubber base making them some of the most sustainable mats on the market.

Is TPE better than PVC?

TPE and PVC are common yoga mat materials that are relatively cheap. However, their low cost comes with a steep price to the environment.

It’s hard to say exactly what TPE is made up of. It depends on the specific composition of the TPE used for the yoga mat, but it’s usually some combination of synthetic rubber and plastic. It can be recycled and is better for the environment compared to PVC.

PVC mats can be found anywhere from Walmart to your local yoga studio. They are super cheap which makes them a go-to product for beginner yogis. But, PVC is bad for the environment, not recyclable, and may contain toxic substances.

Between TPE and PVC, TPE is better because it is not as harmful as PVC is to the environment. However, cork is a superior material compared to them both.

Cork vs TPE vs PVC Yoga Mats

As mentioned earlier, neither TPE nor PVC is a sustainable or eco-friendly material. PVC is actually very harmful to the environment, and while TPE can be recycled, it pales in comparison to cork.

Cork comes from the bark of cork trees making it a renewable and biodegradable resource to create yoga mats. These mats are lightweight, durable, easy to clean, have a great grip that gets better with moisture, are antibacterial, and are stunning. It has all the benefits of a TPE or PVC mat, plus the sustainability factor.

Should you Get a Cork Yoga Mat?

After thoroughly comparing cork mats to mats made from other materials, it’s a no-brainer to go get one today! It’s the best choice for every type of yogi because of its versatility.

You’ll never have to worry about slipping and sliding in the downward dog because of the cork’s anti-slip properties. And you don’t have to deal with a smelly mat after a sweaty session since cork is anti-microbial as well. The thickness of cork yoga mats also provides a great cushion for when you are in those deep stretches.

Whether you love hot yoga or Hatha classes, this mat is perfect for any occasion. Not to mention how aesthetically pleasing a cork yoga mat is compared to other boring and bland ones. You can have the best quality mat and the most stylish one if you get a cork one!

Best Cork Yoga Mat

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