Are Cork Yoga Mats Durable? How Long Do They Last?

Are Cork Yoga Mats Durable? How Long Do They Last?

Published On: August 9th, 2021
Are Cork Yoga Mats Durable

With over 10 different types of yoga, it’s super important to find a durable and reliable mat.

Especially when you could be practicing yoga outside or even in a heated room, you need something that will last.

  • Each yoga mat material offers a different level of support, grip, and overall quality.
  • You don’t want a mat that has you slipping and sliding in a hot yoga class.
  • You also don’t want a mat that provides little to no cushion during a deep stretching session.

Natural cork yoga mats can provide it all. They are sustainably-made (eco-friendly) mats that are anti-slip, self-cleaning, thick enough for adequate support – but also lightweight. You can have the best of both worlds with a cork yoga mat.

Are cork yoga mats durable? How long do they last?

Yes – cork yoga mats are extremely durable and resilient (since they’re made from the bark of cork oak trees). Their lifespan is normally 12-24 months, while most yoga mats only last 6-12 months before they give out. This includes not being as grippy, or having deep impressions from continuous use.

Do cork yoga mats crack, flake, rip or crease?

A premium cork yoga mat won’t flake – since it’s molecular structure is far more resilient than other yoga mat types.

However, when it comes to cracking, ripping or creasing – you need to avoid folding and “squishing” the cork mat (such as in a corner, or under a pile of heavy objects). Cheaply-made cork yoga mats can flake (and even crack in some cases), without any force applied.

When it comes to the production of a cork yoga mat, there usually is some type of base material that helps keep it all together.

  • If a company uses PVC as a base, that may be the cause for any flakes.
  • This material does not hold up well against water or hot yoga practice.
  • You’ll end up slipping all over the place, which is what no one wants.

To find a cork yoga mat that won’t flake or slip, make sure the mat uses some sort of non-toxic foam like TPE, or all-natural rubber backing.

The cork itself is made to last – but the material that is added to the bottom makes a huge difference in your overall experience. You can also check out reviews of commonly purchased cork yoga mats to see if they are known for flaking.

Not every cork yoga mat is built the same – and the company does matter, since each one manufactures their mats differently.

What is the advantage of a cork yoga mat?

One of the main advantages of a cork yoga mat is its perfect grip and traction.

Cork contains a natural substance called suberin that makes the grip even better with moisture. That means no more sliding in downward dog with a cork mat. And if you have naturally sweaty hands, it’s now an advantage for you!

Cork is Antimicrobial and Antibacterial

Cork is naturally self-cleaning, antimicrobial, and antibacterial because of the suberin.

This means that the cork yoga mat won’t absorb moisture or sweat into the mat. The cork repels water and will prevent it from holding any odor and it won’t grow any mold or mildew. Say goodbye to cleaning your mat after every session and that lingering smell!

Cork Yoga Mats are Eco-friendly and Sustainable

One of the principles of yoga is Ahimsa, or to do no harm and to be considerate of every living thing. This principle should extend to your yoga materials – mats, blocks, wheels, bags.

  • Unfortunately, there are many yoga mats made of PVC out there that severely harm the environment in its production process.
  • It also can’t be recycled and practically lasts forever in a landfill.
  • Using one of these mats doesn’t follow Ahimsa in an environmental sense.

A cork yoga mat is sustainably made from the bark of cork trees. The harvesting of cork doesn’t hurt the tree and allows it to regenerate new bark. It’s zero waste and completely recyclable – which is miles ahead of other common yoga mat materials like PVC and regular TPE.

It’s Easy to Clean

Although cork yoga mats are antimicrobial and therefore self-cleaning, you can always clean your mat yourself. All it takes is a soft washcloth that won’t be too abrasive on the cork and some cold water.

  • Simply use the damp cloth and gently rub it all over both sides of the mat.
  • If you are looking for something a little more intense than just water, you can fill a spray bottle with witch hazel (or vinegar), water, and an essential oil.
  • This is a natural cleaning spray you can use to softly wipe up your mat after a session.
  • Lastly, always make sure it’s completely dry before rolling it up.

Are cork mats grippy?

Cork yoga mats are known for their superior grip! It’s already a non-slip mat while dry, but with a little moisture, the cork’s natural properties allow the grip to only get better. Simply spray a little water on your mat or the palms of your hands and soles of your feet to feel the maximized grip and traction. Or just natural sweat from your hands is enough to do the trick!

Best Eco-Friendly Cork Yoga Mat

Looking for the best cork yoga mats? Find them here. These are made from organic cork, is zero waste, and has a super grip. When using one of these mats with a little bit of water, it’s like “licking your finger to grip a piece of paper.” Pair them together in a cork yoga set and join other happy customers who LOVE their cork yoga mats today!